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GV Eco-Smart
Our new GV Eco-Smart building technologies include a variety of pioneering features and techniques that have been selected specifically for our Central California location and climate. These modern, energy-efficient amenities and products will provide our customers with healthier, more comfortable units and lower energy costs.

Check out the GV Eco-Smart features below to see how they provide a better living space for you and the environment.

Individual Solar Panel Systems on All Residential Units (except one)
– designed for net-zero energy usage

1.8 DC KW on first-floor units
2.3 DC KW on upstairs units

Taking advantage of the year-round sun in Fresno, GV Urban throws a harness on all of that power and straps it to your roof. The environmentally-friendly engine of your home can help you save dramatically on your energy bill, making you cool and Cool-with-a-capital-c.

High-efficiency, Light-colored Metal Cool Roof Technology

• Fully insulated attic space with an average R-value above R-50

This is no cat on a hot tin roof. In fact, your roof is so cool, it should come with a pair sunglasses. With cutting-edge, eco-friendly technology, this high-efficiency metal roof can help you save on energy costs while helping you control your home’s climate. And, capped off with a fully insulated attic space, your roof won’t transfer extra heat to your home!

Highly Advanced Wall Systems

Exterior walls are 2×6 framing with cavity R-value of 23.92
Buildings designed with only one common wall
Common wall between the units are a full 13 inches thick and come fully insulated for excellent sound reduction

By using 2×6 studs in the framing, we are able to add more wall insulation than traditional 2×4 walls. With spacing like that and designing that allows for one shared wall that is jam-packed with insulation, you won’t hear your neighbors fighting over the last Pop Tart™, at least most of the time.

Advanced Performance Windows

High-performance solar control Low-E glass
Warm edge plus spacer technology
Enhanced sound-reduction design

Low emissivity (Low-E) windows help protect you from the sun’s rays, while helping control your climate. GV Urban uses solar control Low-E windows with no metal components, reducing the amount of heat that might creep in.

Individual High-performance Tankless Water Heaters for Each Residence

Tank water heaters store, heat, and reheat water constantly, only supplying hot water based on the capacity of the tank. Alternatively, tankless water heaters heat water as needed, reducing the energy usage and you will never run out of hot water, no matter how much you use. Saving water and no more cold showers? Sounds good to us.

Water Recirculation Pumps on Two-story Buildings

Going hand-in-hand with tankless water heaters, the water recirculation pumps helps our friends in the multi-level units access their hot water quickly and efficiently. No wasted H2O here!

Mitsubishi Ductless HVAC Systems

Control your destiny – or at least your temperature. Ductless heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems help put climate control in your hands, helping you determine what zones of your home you want to cool or heat. Also helping to minimize noise and meter your usage, these systems are designed to keep you, your wallet, and Mother Nature happy.

Upgraded Energy-efficient Appliances

Like a Prius™ for your kitchen, our energy-efficient appliances help you get the most performance for your dollar.

Low-VOC Paint

The EPA states that VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are the leading cause of indoor air pollution by releasing low-level toxic emissions. New low-VOC paints and stains not only look great and are long-lasting, but protect you from unwanted airborne toxins.

Dual-flush Toilets

For number one and number two. ‘Nuff said.

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